a baby kitten reaching for the sky

Kittens will soon rule the world, but do you know why? It’s because they’re cuter than everything else in the entire world put together, or that’s my opinion anyway. You can already go online and find millions of cat videos at the click of a button and then sit there in giddy cuteness overload for hours as you watch video after video. Don’t stop at merely watching cats on your computer screen! Adopt a kitten or four instead!

Nurturing Kittens

kitten chilling under piece of wood

You can rely on your kitten to tell you when it needs something. Kittens tend to be vocal about their problems, so they’ll come to you when they want to be fed or petted. If you potty-train them well enough, they’ll even come to tell you when they can’t get to their litter box. You need to provide a very good home for them by always having enough food and bedding and giving them a place for their litter box.

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Why Adopt Kittens?

baby kitten in the grass

Thousands and thousands of little kittens go homeless every year. Some of them survive and just become feral, but some don’t. These adorable little creatures need a good home and a loving family. They’ll be a little rambunctious, but they don’t require as much upkeep as a puppy because they take care of themselves. You’ll never feel bored or unloved when you have a fluffy, little kitten around. You could die of cuteness overload though.

Playing with Kittens

kitten hanging out in a mug

Kittens are little balls of energy, so you might have a hard time keeping up with them. You need to give them toys and scratching posts to occupy their time, but you also need to personally play with them because that’s how they bond. They also bond best when they can sleep with another being, whether that being is a person or another kitten. Let them sleep on your lap when they nap during the day.